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Sisters Without Voices

Silence can be deafening, is what the men in Sisters Without Voices: Who Will Tell Their Stories? have discovered. This production, inspired by the intricacies of interpersonal relationships, is a 90 minute theatrical production consisting of monologues, dialogue, poetry, and songs performed by men and supported through creative movement by women. Sisters Without Voices explores the female experience told through the eyes of the male perspective, using a number of relationship types and issues to bridge the gap of gender mutual understanding. By the end of the production, the audience is moved by the colorful script and gifted cast to reflect on their relationships and reconcile their own experiences. Sisters Without Voices debuted in March 2011 at the Collective Arts Theatre in Virginia Beach, Virginia. After a four show run with a cumulative audience of over 250 people, Sisters Without Voices was hailed an eye-opening experience. Audience members described the production as a roller coaster- funny, emotional, relatable, impactful and a show certainly worth seeing again. Producers Crystal Sessoms and Nandi Shareef seek to return Sisters Without Voices to unique venues along the east coast. Moving away from the standard stage and performing in museums, galleries, and lounges, the production is aiming for more visibility in the community and greater partnership with other arts and entertainment organizations within Hampton and Richmond, Virginia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, GA and New York City.

truth and freedom

Set in the background of protest, Truth and Freedom celebrates the lives and legacy of Hampton Roads heroes to include J. Thomas Newsome, Pearl Bailey, Ella Fitzgerald, Doris Miller, C. Waldo Scott, Frankie Faison and the Buddah Brothers. With the help of musicians, theatrical characters and dancers, watch these characters come together for a common cause as they fight for the opening of the Truth and Freedom center, which represents Truth and Freedom in our lives.

Wickham ave.

Told from the heart of an ailing blues musician, watch as Johnny Blue Waters takes a walk down memory lane through his time-soul capsule as he remembers great musicians he has met along his path. This production honors great musicians from the Hampton Roads area who have made a significant mark on the world as entertainers.

a portrait's journey for faith

A Portait's Journey for Faith celebrates the life and art of Anderson Johnson, a Newport News folk artist known for his amazing works of art and his conviction to bring people closer to God. Watch as his portraits come alive and search for their own understanding of faith.

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